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Teaching approach based on Multiple-Intelligences

  • To help discover the strengths and talents of students

  • Catering student potential through their various learning styles and intelligence

Strong Focus on Academic and Co-Curricular Excellence

  • International best practices and teaching strategies are incorporated in a rigorous curriculum.

  • Emphasis is given to language performances such as debates, public speaking, and story-telling in English.

  • A varied co-curricular programme helps to enhance the character, emotional and social development of students.

Character Education

  • Every teacher and staff is dedicated to be a role model and shaper of student’s character.

  • Based on our belief in God, our passion for education, and our view of a bright future, we are committed to building and serving the nation through nurturing exemplary character, advocating innovative learning, and championing compassionate leadership.

Innovative Culture

  • We believe that every child is an innovator at heart.

  • We seek to ignite every student’s sparks of creativity and curiosity.

  • We encourage a ‘think-out-of-box’ attitude.

  • We invite students to challenge the ordinary and strive for their personal best at all times.

Best Value

  • Competitive school fees

Customised Education

  • Real world learning that complements interest and talents of students.

  • Students realise their full potential and are well-prepared to achieve their  future aspirations.

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